Sunday, December 16, 2007

Last minute cool tech gift: USB Flash Drive w/ Software

Tomorrow is the last day to order from and still get free Super Saver shipping on your order. Seeing that put the realization that Christmas is coming very soon on my mind and I wanted to share with you an easy and cool gift I'm giving a few people on my list this year, a Kingston 1GB USB Flash Drive preloaded with a bunch of excellent freeware software installers.

This Kingston 1GB USB Flash Drive is only $8.99 on and very well rated. Purchase this (and pad your order to $25 for the free shipping) and load some of the following software for an excellent gift, especially for those who are getting new computers this season.

$8.99 for a gift that they'll definitely reuse and appreciate? Not a bad deal at all. You can personalize it even more by adding a folder with a bunch of photos or MP3s. Makes an excellent stocking stuffer too.

Windows Software (Much is available for Apple as well)

OpenOffice (120MB)- A freeware replacement for Microsoft Office. Opens and creates documents/spreadsheets/PowerPoint-style presentations.

Trillian (8.64MB) - An IM client that handles AIM, Yahoo!, and IRC accounts

Skype (21.5MB) - A VOIP application that allows you to make telephone calls from your computer.

AVAST! Home FREE Antivirus (17.64MB) - One of my favorite anti-virus programs that includes free updates

Mozilla Firefox (5.7MB) - Probably the best web browser there is

Mozilla Thunderbird (6.4MB) - An email program very similar to Microsoft Outlook

NVU (6.6MB) - The best free HTML editor available, hands down.

VLC Media Player (9.3MB)
- Media player that can handle almost every file type thrown at it

Frets on Fire (32.2MB) - Awesome freeware version of Guitar Hero. Very innovative use of keyboard as guitar controller.

7-Zip (840KB) - Very lightweight program for compressing and uncompressing folders.

Foxit Reader (2.13MB) - Quick PDF reader. Opens in about 1/3 of the time that it takes Adobe Acrobat to initialize


Lady Language said...

Good gift suggestion (I may buy one for myself). I enjoyed reading - you write very well. Good luck with the new blog!

Ethical Grifter said...

Thank's for stopping by lady language! Glad you're enjoying it so far, hopefully I'll have some more posts you'll find useful in the future as well. just put up a great list of free software you might want to check out as well here.

Excellent looking blog you have going as well. I had no idea Zubas would ever come back, that's a scary thought.