Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Beat the man at the pump! Or, at least save a few cents per gallon.

Another year with high gas prices is upon us. We've been getting gouged at the pump for awhile now and while it's hard to fully fight back against the big oil companies, we can at least become better educated consumers when it comes to gas purchases.

You all know that gas stations can vary in price per gallon by as much as $.30, but who has the time (or wants to waste the gas) to drive past each station for the best deal? That's where 2 websites come in very handy.

and the gas price section of MSN Autos both allow you to search local gas prices by entering your zipcode. The prices are entered by consumers each day (if there's a station you don't see listed that you visit, get involved and help out the community!) and list the price per gallon from lowest to highest. Gasbuddy.com has come a long way since the price increase, but is still lacking some of the features that MSN Autos provides (lowest/average/highest price headlines and an interactive map view of the stations listed. For that reason I still use MSN Autos more often than not, but decide for yourself which style you prefer. Either way, your wallet will thank you.

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