Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Cellphone Hustle: Please change your PIN codes!

Another busy day here, the holiday season definitely has the crowds out shopping (which I unfortunately waited near the last minute and had to deal with today). The crowded stores got me thinking along similar lines as this scam that was on one of my favorite British shows "The Real Hustle". I wish they'd bring it to the states, but for now I'll be bringing you a "best of".

While I'm unsure if this type of scam can work on US cellular phone systems, there is are two very important note in the video that all cell phone owners should follow: Change your default PIN code on your phone and keep it on your person. This will prevent any thieves from accessing your personal data on the SIM card which will most likely cause them to just toss the card away. The SIM card not only holds your stored contacts, but also your billing information, which can be exploited if it's in the wrong hands.

Enjoy the video!

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