Friday, December 28, 2007

Another easy way to get paid: Clixsense

Well, I've got my Gomez Peer still racking up the money slowly, but in my search to find another way to make some lazy money on the side I came across Clixsense.

Next to having Gomez Peer just run in the background of my computer and making money this is definitely the next easiest income source I have found. All you need to do to earn cash off of this site is:

1. Login to your account
2. Click on "Get Paid To Browse Ads"
3. Click on an ad
4. Let the 30 second timer countdown and click on the "close window" link
5. BAM!! $0.01 added to your account (it adds up rather quickly).

The thing I like about this is that while the countdown timer is going I can do other work in different tabs on my browser or work in other windows (i.e. Microsoft Office) and then come back to it to close the tab. All-in-all it's about 3 seconds or so worth of work that doesn't really interfere with what I'm already doing and it adds up pretty fast.

*Tip* Check the site often, especially during work hours. Ads are paid for by the sponsors for a limited number of clicks so they can disappear fast.

Check out Clixsense today and start making some more easy money with me!

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