Monday, December 10, 2007

Welcome to The Ethical Grifter

I've been following numerous financial blogs through the years and it seems that some of those that first offered what I was looking for either lost their way or my opinion on how to earn money changed over time. This blog was created to fill in that void and help my readers generate some extra revenue on the side for whatever they may use it for.

The name "Ethical Grifter" pretty much sums up what to expect from this blog. Since a grifter is commonly known as a swindler, I had to throw in the ethical part (some of this stuff might be shady, but not that shady). We'll be covering alot of fully legal methods of making extra revenue as well as a few gray area methods. Also, occasionally I'll include some thoughts on investments, living more frugally, as well as some good information on how to protect yourself from the true grifters out there that will take your money by any means necessary.

Bookmark this page now, it will definitely come in useful.

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