Saturday, December 15, 2007

Easiest money ever: The Gomez PEER

Want to know the easiest way to earn some extra money 24/7/365 and not have to do any more work than just setting up an account? The secret is to download the Gomez Peer, setup an account, and connect to the internet. As long as your computer is on and connected to the internet, you're making money.

The way that this works couldn't be simpler, but you won't be making a ton of cash either. On average users make about $2-$3 per month, but if you leave your computer on most of the time, you might as well make some money from it. Also, they give $2 per referral, so after you sign up spread the word to your friends and you have the opportunity of making even more.

Grey Area Tip: If you have access to multiple computers connected to the internet (i.e. a system administrator), you can have the peer running on each of them and really rake in the cash. Now you can be shifty about this and just install the Gomez Peer on them, but I don't think it's worth losing your job over this, so it's probably best to ask your boss. Just tell him it's for a distributed computing project if he asks what for.

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't everyone do this? Can the user tell if it is on? Does this system have a stealth mode?