Thursday, April 17, 2008

Get rid of junk mail and protect your identity! Part 2 - Catalogs & The Rest

Yesterday we took care of those annoying pre-approved credit card and insurance offers. Today, we'll get rid of the rest (well, almost all) of your junk mail.

The site to end the junk mail at is From the main page select the "Consumer Information" and it will take you to an selection of options to get off different contact lists. The one that you want to focus on is the first: mailing.

Selecting the first option will bring you to a page with a three step process to end junk mail. Since we ended the credit offer junk mailings yesterday, we can ignore step 2 and since step 3 is a pay service that really isn't needed we can avoid that as well. Step 1, however, is the important one. After it is selected you will have to register for the site with a traditional user information form to fill out. Once completed, you're given the option of opting out of catalog mailings (either by catalog name or as a whole), opting in or out of all other mailings, and opting out of all junk mailings. The third option takes care of it all at once, so choose that option. It is much quicker to request this to be taken care of online, but it requires a credit card for authentication that you are who you say you are. It is not charged for this service so you can feel safe in doing so. If you don't have a credit card, however, you can also make the request by printing out a registration form and mailing it to DMA.

After completing this and Step 1 from yesterdays post you should soon be receiving no more, or very little, junk mail for the next 5 years.

Tomorrow we'll focus on less of an identity theft concern, but even more of a nuisance....telemarketer calls. Check back tommorow for Part III!