Friday, April 11, 2008

Free Philips Senseo coffee maker w/ coffee and storage tin

Alot of free offers I've signed up for in the past have never come through (especially alot of those free t-shirt deals) so I've held off on mentioning this one until I actually recieved the set. It turns out Philips was true to their word, on Monday I recieved an email that I had been accepted to recieve one, and today it arrived.

Accepted?!?! But aren't most free offers set up that you just sign up and it's yours? Well, usually, but this one is set up so that you answer a short series of questions (I promise, it's quick) concerning your social groups/activities and they will let you know if your level of social involvement qualifies for this promotion. **Ethical Grifter note: They're looking for users that have frequent social interaction to help promote their product.**

I put in for this in late October, hoping that it would arrive quickly, but as you can see, the approval process takes some time. Also, there is a $15 shipping charge for everything (which arrives in 1 Senseo box, I don't know if the normal units come with everything though). Not bad, considering the basic Senseo unit you recieve retails for $75 alone. It also comes with 5 $20 off a Senseo coffee maker coupons to share and a $1 off any Sara Lee frozen desert coupon (I hear cheesecake calling).

Here's the link to the questionaire for the free Senseo pack:

Also, here's another quick questionaire to get a coupon for another free bag of Senseo coffee pods:

As for proof of reciept, here's 2 pics I took right after getting home today on my cameraphone:

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