Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Free Stuff! Get over 114,000 MP3's legally

While browsing a few of my sites today, I came across quite a find. It was a post by MythSpell on the forums linking to the "Free MP3 of the Day" and 2 weeks of prior MP3 archives on

It has a good mix of artists, but I had to do something better for you. After checking out all of the artists on the 2 week archive I started snooping around the site and came across this link....the one that has the full 114,000 (and still growing) free MP3 archive.

It's not quite as easily searchable as I would have liked, but hey, it's all free. I love coming across stuff like this, it gives me a chance to not only find music from artists I like, but also to discover new ones without spending a dime. Enjoy!

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