Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Unplugged: Trading Cable TV for Internet TV

"Unplugged: Trading Cable TV for Internet TV" - This was the headline that struck my attention on today. I've always had an issue with the cable company in general (it would be nice if my internet access would always be 24/7), and I do agree with most peoples view about how most of the channels/shows on TV are pretty much junk. I've considered doing the same thing as the author many times (cable is currently included in my rent though) and love reading about other's experiences.

The first paragraph of the moderately sized article goes like so:

"Having control over 600 cable channels is the greatest thing ever. Having to pay $74 a month for that privilege isn't so grand. As prices for food, gas, and everyday needs continue to rise, we here at
dealnews wondered: Is it possible to save a few dollars every month by replacing our cable service with free, legal Internet content? Has the Internet evolved to the point where cable service is unnecessary? There was only one way to find out, and so on the first week of May I unplugged my cable box and replaced it with my laptop."

Sounds pretty interesting right? Well you can check out the full write up of Louis Ramirez's experiences without cable here.

Oh, and also check out the main site of I try to keep you up to date on some good deals, but keeping up on deals is their job and they do it better than any other site I've seen, been using them for years and still check them daily.