Monday, June 9, 2008

Free internet at Starbucks..and that's just the beginning

Just this week Starbucks announced the Starbucks Card Rewards program. Even if you drink there only occasionaly, this is definitely worth jumping on.

The perks are as follows:

- Free beverage coupon if you join by July 14th
- Free refill on regular brewed coffee
- Free select syrup and milk options to add to your drink
- Free tall beverage with every purchase of 1 lb. of beans
- 2 hours of free WiFi access per day (must use card every 30 days to remain valid; it is good for one session daily up to 2 hours worth)

So how do you get these perks? It's incredibly easy, all you need to do is purchase a Starbucks giftcard and register it online here. That's it!

I'm not a regular at Starbucks by any means, but w/ free refills and free internet I may be frequenting the one at my local Barnes & Nobel's a little more often.