Monday, June 2, 2008

The Apple Store: Refurbs = Incredible savings and same warranty as new products

I'm not an Apple evangelist (actually I have both PCs and Macs at home), but I'm a huge fan of their customer support in comparison to all other computer companies, that's why I'm putting this up. Tomorrow is Tuesday and Tuesday is when Apple restocks their refurbished section of the Apple Store (around 8 a.m. EST).

Refurbs usually have a bad rap and for the most part it is rightfully so, but Apple has been the exception and I'll explain with my personal tale:

Years ago, while I was on a small enlisted military salary, I needed to get a new computer and was interested in the iBook. I couldn't afford a new one, but the refurbs were in my budget. Now, I've had bad experiences with refurbs in the past, but since I was set on getting an iBook, I decided to roll the dice.

Apple Store Online

Why? Well, the refurbished items from the Apple Store all come with the same 1 year warranty as new items (and you can add the AppleCare extended warranty if you wish), so I figured it was a safe bet. Little did I know that at the 1 year expiration date of my warranty my motherboard would die (a flaw in the design of that iBook model). Hoping for the best I brought it into the Apple Store hoping that I could get it fixed for a minimal cost. As it turns out they extended my warranty (the same as the iBooks purchased new) for an additional 2 years because of the known fault in the board. They sent it off, replaced the board as well as the keyboard (would have cost over $100) and the footpads.

This sold me on the service as well as reaffirmed that I had made the correct decision purchasing a refurb. I currently have a MacBook refurb that has been running perfectly for a little more than a year. Working in IT, I've told many of my coworkers about my experience and they've gone on to experience the same high level of customer support, so now on Monday, the eve of the refurb store restocking, I'm doing the same for you.

If you've been considering an Apple computer (or iPod) or just want to see the price differences, check out the Apple Store refurbished section tomorrow at 8 a.m. EST. As the items sell out they disappear, so this way you can get first dibs. I guarantee that you can trust the refurbs to be as good as new. Your wallet will thank you as well.

Apple Store Online