Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Skype is now offerrering unlimited long-distance calls for $3 per month

Skype is at it again, now offering unlimited long distance phone calls througout the US and Canada for only $3 a month. This is by far the best deal they've offered in a long time so I'd hop up on it while you can. On top of this offer, if you buy 3 months of service before June 1st, you get one of those months for free (3 months of unlimted calls for only $6!!).

For those of you not very familiar with Skype, it's a VoIP service that allows you to make phone calls from your computer over your internet lines. The only equipment required is a computer, internet service, and a microphone/headset for use. There are actual telephone devices that they offer here
if you don't like the idea of wearing a headset or need to purchase one.

The clarity of the calls is now up to par with tradtional telephone landlines (and trust me, as an early adopter I know how bad it used to be) and the price is much, much better. As a note, this $3/month plan only includes calling out to landlines, if you want to be able to recieve calls to your Skype number from landlines you'll need to purchase the SkypeIn plan as well, available here.

Give it a shot, I've been happy with their service for years and this new $3/month offer they have going is a steal!