Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back After A Hiatus - With Proof Of Payment!

Hey everyone, I'm back! Sorry for that extended break, I ended up getting a little overwhelmed with all of the projects I was undertaking and had to focus on some of the more critical ones. Those are now out of the way now though and I'm back with you and will be updating again.

I figure that the best way of getting back into the swing of things is to show two more proof of payment checks that I received over the break.

First up is my Ebates Big Fat Check that I mentioned in a previous article.

Not too shabby since that $30.37 is a free money rebate from my holiday shopping. I would have shopped at those online stores anyways so without this program I would have gotten back nothing. I highly recommend trying them out, you won't be disappointed. You can sign up here for Ebates and we'll both get $10 credited to our accounts.

Another check I received was from Your2Cents another survey site that pays out an average of $1-$3 per survey. One of the things that I like about this site is that within each email survey invitation they send is the estimated time that it will take to complete that survey, it really helps to judge if the survey is worth your time or not. If interested in Your2Cents, you can sign up here.

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